Best Things to do in Crete for an Amazing Holiday!

When it comes to the largest islands, Crete is the largest of all. But that doesn`t mean that it is any less hip than its counterparts like Corfu, Santorini, Samos and Mykonos. It`s a place that is not only enriched with stunning sunsets and pristine sand, but also has historical forts coupled with gorgeous landscapes and topped with local cuisine that is ultimate.

Chilling on sand is fun; but truth to be told, if you are planning to book flights to Crete, Greece, it will interest you more to know about other plenty of exciting things that you can do here. Although there are way too many things, we have narrowed it down to the amazing four. Check them out:

Visit Spinalonga Island

Located at a short distance from Crete, Spinalonga Island is easily accessible by boat. Situated in the northeast of Crete, it is one little spot that should be visited to unravel some of the most mysterious Venetian histories of the island.

Explore Breathtaking Archaeological Sites

There is no dearth of historical sites in Crete, which is why those who have a heart for history must explore Crete fully. Here, the Minoan Civilization flourished from around 3000 BC to 1100 BC with extravagant sites that will give you an insight in the time of island`s art-loving inhabitants.

Get Captivated in Knossos

Another equally exceptional site is Knossos- the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete. Located a few kilometres of Crete`s modern capital, Knossos is the name of the beautiful palace that was built around 3000 years ago. Once, the site had inhabited the population of 100,000 in the 18th century, BC. According to the Greek Mythology it was the seat of the King Minos (Minoan Civilization). From sweeping courtyard to the Throne Room, you can check-out some of the most awe-inspiring frescoes.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

If you are keen to understand the European civilization, then look no further than Heraklion Archaeological Museum. The museum houses one of the biggest collections of Minoan artifacts, and also has 20 rooms in chronological order. From Neolithic times, you can find jewelry, weapons, liturgical figures, vases and armors.

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