A Guide to Vietnam for First Time Travellers!

Vietnam- a country that has seen years of bloodshed and war is trying to recover from its violent past. A beautiful country; that stretches from the soaring mountains to the gorgeous and lush rice paddies and vibrant waterways of the Mekong Delta in the south receives tourists from all across the globe in great numbers.

With more than 3000km of glorious coastline, Vietnam is a whole package that drives on tourism. Combine its picturesque landscapes with smooth public transport, well if not great infrastructure and cheap yet lip-smacking street food and you will find it on your travel bucket list.

But just like any other country, Vietnam too has its own challenges that might appear intriguing if not prepared in advance. And before you book cheap flights from London to Vietnam, we have made a list of such travel tips that we thing everyone must know before visiting Vietnam. Check them out:

Book Flights in Advance

Although the currency difference might excite you and you would be willing to book flights at the last minute, it is probably the worst idea that will make you shed few more pounds. The best way to save money on tickets is to book them three months in advance. There are many sites like voguetravelhouse which is a UK based travel agency and offers tickets at a lot cheaper rates than the other travel websites.

Make Your Itinerary Carefully

Vietnam is divided into three main regions- North, South and Central. If you want to truly explore the country while going from North to South, allow at least 3 weeks. Any fewer days will result into you rushing to catch flights that will make the entire vacation a bit hectic. Hence, do not force everything into your itinerary and do not underestimate the massive size of Vietnam. A train journey between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is more than 1700 km long and takes roughly 34-36 hours. So plan accordingly before booking cheap flights from London to Vietnam.

Be Prepared to Witness Dramatic Weather

 Considering the vastness of the country, it is only natural to see a variation in weather and the climatic conditions. But as far as Vietnam is concerned, the weather here changes dramatically. Where Northern Vietnam is all about hot wet summers and cool dry winters up, Central Vietnam has hot and dry weather between January & August and the temperature may hit the mid-thirties. You can find tropical climate in Southern Vietnam, with only 2 defined seasons wet & dry. So pack your clothes accordingly.

Get Ready to Bargain

Although Vietnam is cheaper as compared to other countries, but be ready to bargain wherever it is possible.  There are no fixed prices and with ‘tourist’ written all over your place, they might offer you something at a high price. Hence, you use negotiating skills to purchase souvenirs or any local stuff.

Vietnam is indeed a beautiful country that fits the budget of every traveller. These factors can help you to come up with a plan that will help you to have a wonderful vacation. To book flights visit www.voguetravelhouse.co.uk.

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