4 Offbeat & Exciting Things to do in Paphos

Paphos – a name that is no more stranger to the world of tourism is also home to Cyprus`s second largest international airport. Showcasing an array of Mediterranean beaches and historical sites, it offers couple of UNESCO Heritage Sites as well.

But with so much to explore is it enough to book cheap flights to Paphos? Not really! The city has countless number of activities that are high on excitement and beauty. Trust us, you won`t be short of any ideas when deciding what to do in the city. And to help all of you, we have come up with a list of offbeat things you must try to have that ‘un-touristy’ feeling. Let`s start:

Avakas Gorge

For all the adventure seekers that are accompanying their ‘history lover partners ‘, can not only visit some of the most beautiful historical sites, but can also hike down the scintillating Avakas Gorge. Least explored and untouched of any commercialization, the gorgeous Avakas Gorge is the last areas of the island Paphos. The gorge was created by a strong river that flowed over the limestone, resulting in its erosion and the formation of 100-foot tall rocks over the time. Take you partner away from the humdrum of the travellers and spend your morning here.

Blue Lagoon

Want to witness some of the bluest and clearest waters in the world? Blue Lagoon beach is the place to be! Accessible only either by dirt road or a boat, the beach is a paradise in simpler terms. The beach lovers can be assured to have a great time here as the shoreline here is stunning and you can take a boat rides too. Sounds like a vacation? Why not book flights from London to Paphos?


Akamas is one of the most picturesque regions of Paphos and is home to endemic plants and animals that also include monk seals and sea turtles. But as the region is accessible only by road, it is best to rent a 4×4 or a quad bike to traverse the region safely. Keep a bottle of water with yourself as the temperature during the summer can get very high.

Explore Paphos Village

Paphos is made up of very small and traditional villages. Most of the island`s tastiest products are sourced from this area. So every time you dig into souvlakia, the pitta breads that it will be served with are from Paphos. The region is also known for making the best Loukoumia- a sweet dish! You could also bring this dish back home for friends and family.

Paphos sounds exciting to us! We would love to know about your travel experiences in Paphos. However, if you have not been here, you can book cheap flights to Paphos from www.voguetravelhouse.co.uk.

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