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Best Places to Visit

Welcome to Tenerife, an island of thousand exquisite experiences! Conquered by the Spanish 500 years ago, Tenerife is the highest and biggest dame in the archipelago family. It is striking, saucy and lures around 12 million admirers a year from all around the globe. Home to Mt. Teide, the tallest peak of the Spain, which is erected at 3000meters, almost kissing the clear blue skies, Tenerife offers beyond the tourist spots infused with unique civilization of extraordinary diversity.

Fill yourself with bustling energy and endless section of activities. Get lost in the serendipity or sit and relax or stand with your back to the ocean Tenerife is a must-see experience. The potpourri of activities that this magnificent island offers includes designer shops, tropical-forest walks, a vibrant carnival celebration which comes only second to Rio and an array of temples, museums and flawlessly constructed old colonial towns.

The lunar landscape of Mt. Teide National Park is something that will give you a memorable experience for the life time. With massive volcanic explosions, half of the Tenerife`s landscape is often described as ‘lunar’. The dramatic moon like scenery of uneven natural rock formation is what pulls the crowd. Walk on the land that was once a hotbed of lava.

No matter which part of the island you stay in, all the top attractions are within a possible reach. So whether you are in the old town of Puerto de la Cruz, the stunning capital Santa Cruz, in the verdant Orotava Valley or at a sunny resort on the sunny Costa Adeje, this is an island drama.

These premium resort swill offer you access to gorgeous beaches with tepid waters, plethora of fabulous dining options, adventurous sports activities, bustling nightlife and much more. There are also immaculately established towns and villages that showcase the colorful Canarian culture withstanding with the time.

So stuff your bag with warmer clothes as it can get little colder because of the high altitude and brace yourself to witness the amazing beauty of Tenerife island with our best holiday packages!

Top Landmarks

Tenerife offers a rich variety of top tourist destinations and wealth of interesting places to abandon your senses. From dazzling beaches to dramatic lunar landscape of Mt. Teide, the sun-kissed island is blessed with a year round spring-like climate.

La Laguna Old Town-Located in the north of the island of Tenerife, La Laguna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Popular as La Laguna, the full name of this old town is San Cristobal de La Laguna which was the first city to be established in the Canary Islands. Explore its well thought colonial architecture that was created in the 15th century without any outer protective walls. The town offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors with its large number of Churches and other magnificent historical buildings.

Teno Rural Park -A sanctuary for many animal species including Osprey, this ancient volcanic summit is landscaped by the erosions at over 1300 meters above the sea level. Covering the eastern part of Tenerife, it is dotted with several high cliffs surrounded by the sea and peppered with numerous volcanic dikes and plugs. An ecological and cultural treasure, it is full of gorgeous landscapes and lush forests.

El Medano Beach-One of the most popular beaches among the residents, El Medano beach is a beach with golden sand. Adorned with all the basic amenities, the beach runs for a kilometer or two offering visitors a calm and serene place to soak in the natural beauty.

The Old Town Of La Orotava- One of the oldest towns in the Canary Islands, La Orotava was founded in early 16th century after the Spanish conquest. Located in the north of Tenerife, the town is laden with artistic, historical and monumental treasure along with variety of cultural points of interest. The streets are perfectly in sync with outdoor bistros, cafes and number of shops which are ideal for a perfect evening out.


The eternal spring weather in Tenerife makes it a perfect island for those who love leisure activities and sports. From Golfing to Hiking, Tenerife does not disappoint its visitors. From young at heart to old enough travelers, the island offers something for everyone.

Clubbing-For those who want to hit the clubs and experience the amazing the night life of the island, Veronicas in Playa de las Americas is an ideal place to be. The hippest bars and restaurants align the streets and it becomes alive as the sun goes down.

Diving-For all you adventure enthusiasts, you can get the thrill of diving in Tenerife. Take a plunge into the underwater world in Tenerife. Witness the colorful school of fishes and experience various encounters with stingrays, sharks and turtles. You can also swim along with dolphins.

Windsurfing-- One of the most popular sports that is practiced along the coast, this sports adventure gives you enough breeze to head out and have fun with your board and sail.

Golf-Hone your golfing skills on this beautiful island. Golfers from all around the globe come to Tenerife to indulge in uninterrupted games on lush greens, verdant fairways and challenging courses that offer spectacular views of the ocean. Most popular golf courses in Tenerife are Golf del Sur in South and Costa Adeje in the North.

Hiking-Surrounded by sea, Tenerife has a stunning countryside. Unexplored and undiscovered, if you love to tread the offbeat path, you can look for 21 marked trails through the Parque Nacional de las Canadas del Teide and the Mt. Teide National Park.

Dining Out

Tenerife is a Spanish Island which means gorging on variety of delicious local cuisines. A vast variety of food can be sampled on the Canary Islands. Being a Spanish Island, the gastronomy is a cocktail of Spanish cuisines with strong influences from Latin America and Africa. You may also find some of the regional Canarian dishes on the menu card all over the restaurants and cafes along with popular international cuisines.

Stews packed with quality chunks of meat imported from mainland Spain and South America complemented with fresh vegetables sourced from the agricultural markets for a wholesome meal that is available in all resorts.

Gofio is the staple dish and has been an integral part of Canarian diet since many years. It is flour made from roasted grains containing a little added salt. Gofio is believed to be the main food of the Guanches, the first and native people of the island. It still remains the most popular dish and is a must-try.

Another dish that tourists swear by is Papas Arrugadas which is also known as Canarian potatoes. The dish basically contains wrinkled potatoes cooked in salt with their skin intact. They taste absolutely delicious when served with distinct flavored sauces. The dish comes in two flavors – Red mojo picon which is spicy and an Olive-Oil Based mojo Verde for those who don’t like too much of spicy flavors.

To satisfy those who have a thing for desserts, try ‘Bienmesabe’. Made from a perfect blend of Almond cream, honey, rum and eggs, Bienmesabe is a very sugary dessert which is served with ice-cream. For drinks, try Ron Miel, a local beverage made from sweet honey rum and is served right after your meal.

Need to know


The main language of Canaries is Spanish as the island is a part of Spain. Although the dialect and accent of the Canarian people has a great influence of the Spanish spoken in South American countries and Caribbean. However the island is distinctly set up to promote the tourism globally, therefore English is widely spoken wherever you go. The resorts and hotels have staff that can speak as well as understand English.


On the 1st of January in 1999 11 state members from the European Union adopted Euro as their currency. Despite located far from the central Europe, Tenerife and Canaries use Euro which is easy to obtain and can be exchanged easily as many hotels and resorts offer an exchange service. There are plenty of ATMs from which you can withdraw money when needed by using your credit or debit card. Forex cards and Travelers` Cheques are also acceptable at all the prominent shops and hotels.


As the Tenerife is a Spanish territory, all the visa rules and passport guidelines are the same as for the Spanish mainland. EU citizens can travel to this island with national ID cards alone. All the non-EU nationals will require a valid national passport. EU nationals as well as citizens of Norway and Iceland do not require a Visa and can stay up to 90 days. For those who would like to exceed their stay must apply for a Residency Permit during the first month of the stay. For those who do not hold a passport of the countries that are part of EU, must apply for a Schengen Visa or check with a Spanish embassy or consulate.


Boasting a subtropical climate through-out the year, Tenerife is an ultimate holiday destination 365 days of the year. The glorious climatic conditions lure many sun-seekers and beach lovers to visit the island. The island has equatorial climate similar to Spain`s Mediterranean coastline. The weather conditions are pleasant with summers mostly hot. Expect the maximum temperature ranging from 28-30 degrees Celsius. The weather remains pleasantly warm during autumn whereas winters will be slightly cooler with rains.

Main Airports

Tenerife is the only island that has two airports. The island had only one airport until 1977. Los Rodeos airport is located near La Laguna in the north of the island, while the other airport Reina Sofia is located in the south located near the Costa Adeje area.

Flight Options

Named on the beloved wife of King of Spain, Reina Sofia is an impeccably constructed airport laced with modern amenities and located in the tourist area. It is the busier of the two and handles huge part of the Tenerife`s international traffic. Flying to Canary Island has never been so convenient. With many world class airlines offering cheap fares to Tenerife has made it possible for almost anyone to travel to this lovely island with its gorgeous coastlines, stunning beaches and ultra-luxe resorts and hotels.

Travel Advice

Tenerife offers plenty of convenient airport transfers for travelers. From taxis to bus services, you can find excellent transportation. If you decide to hire a cab, enquire about your hotel location on the island. There might be a possibility that you end up landing at the airport in north only to realize that you have booked a taxi in the south for your accommodation in the north which means you will have to spend extra bucks that might prove rather expensive.

Other Options

You can reach Tenerife also by boat as the island has two main ports – Los Cristianos and Santa Cruz.

Getting around in the city is easier as the island offers plenty of modes to explore the beautiful Tenerife. Although the bus service and taxi hires fare really well, using pedal power is recommended. Riding bicycle means you don’t have to follow the pre-decided schedule and also can stop at your own will to take a good look at the panoramic views.


The most affordable way of travelling or getting along is the bus service available in the Island. Depending upon the places you would like to visit, you may have to change lines and buses in order to reach your destination which is pretty time consuming. The public bus service is run by ‘Titsa’ and generally the buses are in white and green color.

The buses are air-conditioned, comfortable and are heavily used by residents. Travelling by bus can cut your fares by 50% and also in some cases you can use a single pass for all the members of your groups. The travel card is known as ‘bono bus card’ which is a lot cheaper and will bring substantial amount of your travel expenses down. Pick up a time table of the bus numbers and routed from any of the bus stations.


Finding a taxi in Tenerife is not a daunting task. You can find taxi a stone`s throw distance. Upon your arrival, you will find them lining outside which makes it difficult for you to miss them. In every hotel and resort, you may find taxi ranks that can be spotted driving around all over the place. You may find a green light on the roof of the taxi with an official number place along with ‘SP’ inscribed over it. SP stands for servicio público which means public service in English. All the journeys are metered and you will be charged depending on the time and distance of your travel.


The island also has a light train service which is operated by Metropolitano de Tenerife. The rail service has two lines that run successfully to over 20 different stops, providing a quick and convenient way to explore the central island.