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5 Amazing Places In Ghana That Will Leave You Speechless

Blessed with gorgeous beaches, vibrant culture, lively cities, welcoming hinterland, vast and diverse wildlife, easy transport and friendly inhabitants, Ghana is the proof that all the good things come in small packages. An epitome of the Africa`s harrowing past and present success stories, the country enjoys a stable democracy and rapid developments in various segments.

If Africa is something that tops your travel bucket list, Ghana must be your next destination. So whether you want to take a stroll into the past through a historic castle or riding the high waves, or discovering the wildlife, you can do it all in this African country. All you have to do is book cheap flights to Ghana!

We know how difficult it can be to have a well-tailored plan when visiting this beautiful country. Because, Ghana expedition can be a little tricky! But fret not! We have got you covered. Check out all the tourist attractions that you must visit when in Ghana:

Explore the city of ACCRA in Ghana

Steeped rich in history, Accra inhibits a character that is lively and full of energy. So many people book cheap flights to Accra, Ghana`s capital city, every year to visit and explore this multidimensional place. Whether you are an avid solo traveller or traveling with your family for the first time, Accra has something for everyone. From incredible food culture to flea markets bustling with locals, every turn in the city reveals a distinct side of the city. Home to National Museum, National Theatre, Independence Square, the Kwame Nkrumah memorial, and various beaches, Accra is loved deeply by its visitors.

Admire arts at Artists Alliance Gallery

Get blown away by the contemporary and fine arts collection showcased at Artists Alliance Gallery. Established by the respected Ghanaian artist, Ablade Grover, this three-storeyed gallery boasts of Kente cloths, Asafo flags, furniture, masks and unique metal sculptures by some of the most renowned Ghanaian artists.

Soak-in the Sun at Labadi Beach

If sun, sand and sea is what you are looking for apart from cheap Flights to Ghana, then head towards Accra`s most popular beach – the Labadi Beach. The beach has the finest sand, flanked by the bluish waters of the ocean, which makes it a popular vacation spot amongst the visitors. Surrounded by many high-end hotel properties, the Labadi Beach offers great food, cocktails as well as local entertainment.

Experience Ghana`s History at Cape Coast Castle

Although, Ghana`s Atlantic coast boasts of an array of 17th-century forts and castles, the Cape Coast Castle is the largest. The intriguing and horrific past associated with the castle is the reason thousands of visitors book cheap flight tickets to Ghana. Originally built in 1653 for the Swedish Africa Company, the Cape Coast Castle was constructed as a trading post for the timber and gold industries. Later on, the usage of the castle was further expanded by the Dutch and British. And the castle began serving as an essential holding station for slaves bound for the Americas. Take a tour while visiting here, as it will take you through the dungeons and the creepy “door of no return”, through which the helpless slaves once passed.

Climb St. George`s Castle

Home to one of Ghana`s most historic landmarks –St. George`s Castle, Elmina is just a 20-minute drive west of Cape Coast Castle. Built by the Portuguese in 1482, this impeccably pristine white structured castle unveils a stark contrast to its dark history. When 150 years later, the castle was taken over by the Dutch; it served as the headquarters of the Dutch West India Company for more than two centuries. When the slave trade replaced gold exports, the castle became a dungeon for those who were kept as prisoners over here. A short guided tour through the dungeons will give you an insight into the horrors the slaves entailed.

Ghana, West Africa`s golden child, is suffused with the most incredible energy. With its welcoming tourist attractions, it is easy to fall in love with this city. Planning to visit here? Do not delay and book cheap flights to Ghana, today! For cheapest fares, visit www.voguetravelhouse.co.uk.