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Cheap Flights to Accra, Ghana

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Akwaaba! Here is Why You Must Visit Accra Before You Die

Accra, an interesting tourist destination and the capital city of Ghana, is a city to behold. With welcoming locals and warmer weather, the city of Accra is high on vibrancy. What it lacks in its size, it more than makes up the attractions that it has to offer to its visitors. Boasting of natural and historical gems in its crown, Accra is re-evolving and gives a plethora of reasons to visit its precinct.

Once the backdrop of African independence in 1957, Accra continues to captivate the hearts and admiration of many today. Here are just a couple of city`s delights that will definitely make your visit exciting, thrilling and memorable. Why should you book cheap flights to Accra, Ghana? Find out below:

Labadi Beach Party

Want to soak in the Ghanian vibes? Then get ready to be a part of the longstanding event at Labadi Beach Party. Packed with jammers that includes visitors and locals both, the Labadi Beach transforms itself at night into a raucous site, thanks to huge amplifiers that permeate the soothing music. For those who have already booked cheap flights to Accra, Ghana, rest assured that there is nothing quite like a beach party in Accra and you should not miss it at any cost.


If the main agenda behind you booking flights to Accra for cheap is stunning photographs and gorgeous backdrops, then Jamestown won`t disappoint you. The neighboring town of Accra has some special ring to it that attracts visitors. Sitting on the edge of the city, Jamestown is a perfect blend of old and new. Representing quirky, bold, adventurous and almost every aspect of art in every corner, Jamestown can give you some of the most gorgeous backdrop for your Insta-feeds.

Explore Makola Market

For those who couldn`t get off from exploring the flea markets in Accra, Makola Market is an ideal place. From the cheap clothes market to the street vendors selling every kind of homewares and the requisite produce, Makola Market is a perfect place to wander and discover the city in its truest sense.

Live Music

From Afrobeat, western popular music, Jazz, reggae as well as highlife, there is never a shortage of excellent music scene in Accra. Live music, in particular, is the highlight of the city that attracts visitors in great numbers from the distinct neighborhoods. If you have got your cheap flights to Accra, Ghana booked, do not miss out on live jazz and African music.

Capital of Art & Culture

Ghana has a vast and unique cultural scene, and Accra represents just a slice of what this African country has to offer. Being the capital city of Ghana, it offers a visual treat to its visitors via both formal and informal settings. Tourists can encounter the stunning instances of arts ranging from hand-painted advertisements to traditional paintings and vibrant carvings. Got your cheap flights to Accra, Ghana booked? Then you must visit the much-famed Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum, Ghana National Museum, and Independence Square.

Multitudes of Sports Activities

The adventure seekers can have a great time in Accra. From horseback riding and polo to surfing, rugby, and street hockey, Accra can surprise you with its many hidden delights. For those who love to stay physically active can have a gala time to meet people and see the city.

Visiting accra is less about sight-seeing and discovering popular tourist landmarks and more about getting immersed in its rich culture and heritage. Are you ready for a unique experience in Accra? Book cheap flights to Accra, Ghana, today!